The California Employee
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The California Employee

The title employee is given to Californians not for their ability or skill, but for their work done for an enterprise. The real proof they deserve the title is in the work the business can count on.

The average employee in California uses the opportunity to work for a business enterprise to spend time keeping the enterprise going. Their contribution earns them pay.

Every day, they walk in the company door with a name that tells all at the company they do the productive work.

The Chosen

Joining the business enterprise is the goal accomplished by every Californian the labor law calls an employee. Every new man and woman on the job is chosen for the work. They are kept on board because they signed a contract or got the appointment. Each worker on board earns their position every day. Elected and appointed officers make the enterprise last by using their time to stay productive, only from a higher position than the average employee. Members of the board gain their recognition by working. Using an ability to produce is everyone's vocation.

Productive Work

The agreement is to do the work that produces the enterprise rewards the company counts on. The opportunity to do work makes taking the position employment. Even taking one step to fit into the plans an employer has for their useful enterprise is enough. A company that trades in the market is not necessary. Janitors who keep the apartment building clean and in good working condition for the owner are employees the same as a babysitter who helps a family. Their name is mentioned when the results are counted.

Doing good work earns a Californian the title employee. Prisoners assigned to make license plates for the citizens who drive a car have taken on the title. The work is always in store.

Original Contribution

Californians who stand in the company leadership positions do the work that counts for building the business house. The working members of a partnership or limited liability company earn their bread and water in wages they do not have to ask for when the profits are enough to take a cut. The wages are money they can count on. A rise or a fall in profits.

The officers and directors who own all the shares and control the enterprise money used to pay for work done at a private corporation can choose their own rules to line the pockets of their workers with money and take their own cut or elect to follow the pay rules in the California labor law. Their vote decides how pay is done.

The Work Deal

Once a Californian is let in the company door, they are on their way to working for an enterprise.


California Labor Code (2011).

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