Minimum Wage Postings in California
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Minimum Wage Postings in California

A Californian who picks their steps carefully can find the state's minimum wage posted at the workplace. Posting the wage standard is a regular practice. It shows up on walls from one end of California to the other. The state guarantees that no one has to walk in the door and end up a hard luck story because they never knew the least wage the boss can pay.

Californians are guaranteed the opportunity to learn the state's minimum wage, and the rules, at their workplace. Low and unjust wages that lower an income below the living standard do not have to get accepted by new hires.

The minimum wage poster will sit on a wall right before a Californian's face. Employers must post a wage notice. The Industrial Welfare Commission says so.

No Risk Earnings

Californians can see a decent paycheck coming. Always. The minimum wage is a guaranteed promise in the golden state. No employer can take away a worker's right to earn the minimum wage. And, dollar amount for each hour worked does not stay a secret.

The Wage Standard

No one needs to stay ignorant on the minimum wage. The California Minimum Wage Poster give anyone that stops at the door, or in a hall or in a company room, an opportunity to know the exact dollars and cents the boss must pay. TO know that amount is the genuine one, look at the date and seal of the Industrial Welfare Commission.  All employers owe their workers the opportunity to read the official poster.

Add one more poster to the reading list. The one that tells workers the federal minimum wage the Fair Labor Standards Act makes standard.

The Rules In Print

The posting a worker reads depends on the place of work and the occupation. Employers can add an IWC wage order the worker has a right to read. Or simply post the order instead of the state minimum wage poster. The wage amount is in the order. So are the rules Californians can count on their boss following.

Each order fits the work. There is one for clerical workers that read, write, and file in an office and a separate one for agricultural workers that farm, pick, or load in a field. There are more than 15 wage orders. But, there is not one for every occupation. Workers at banks an insurance companies will not find on a wage order on the spot at their company.

The right rules on overtime pay guaranteed to workers in the occupation are plainly stated on the order.  So are the tip credit rules, and the rules on taking a credit for meals and lodging an employer gives its workers.  Can the company get caught for child labor violation? Check the order.

A Wage Californians Can Count On

The money owed to Californians is paid by the book every worker can read the important lines from. Every boss has to do their duty and post. Ask the place to find the wage post.


California Industrial Welfare Commission, MW-2007, Official Notice on California Minimum Wage

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