Maternity Leave Alaska
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Maternity Leave Alaska

Women who need to take maternity leave in Alaska have certain laws that offer them protection when they do so. In order to qualify however, they must first assess their employment situation. This is because there are certain prerequisites that must be met before someone who works for a company that is based in Alaska can get time off for maternity.

Sometimes, women who work in Alaska are concerned about losing their job while they are on maternity leave. However most women are protected from that by the Family and Medical Leave Act. The Family and Medical Leave Act, or the FMLA, as it is often known, gives employees of large companies the right to go off on maternity leave for twelve weeks.

Maternity Leave Alaska: Alaska State Laws 

Alaska provides additional leave to state employees. Women who are employed to private companies are also eligible to receive time off for birth or adoption. Members of the military are eligible for up to eighteen weeks off in any one year. This leave may be used for adoption, pregnancy or childbirth and is available to employees who satisfy the requirements.

Currently, maternity leave is not defined in the Alaska Administrative Code. The Alaska Statutes do not contain a definition any longer either. However, the FMLA applies to people who have a job in any state, once the company that they work for is large enough. Unfortunately, employees of companies that are under a certain size will not be able to access this leave. This means that out of every one hundred workers in the United States, forty cannot access leave when they are pregnant.

Maternity Leave Alaska: Allowed Uses of Leave 

Alaskans who qualify for time off under the FMLA may use it to deliver and care for a newborn. If they are adopting or fostering a child, they can get leave for that as well. They can also use the break to take care of a family member who is ill, or to recover from an illness. Unfortunately, most of that time is unpaid leave. This means that employees must do without the income for several months if they take time to have a baby or take care of a sick relative.

Alaska has rules that apply specifically to workers in that state. In order to qualify for this leave to care for a new baby or child, private sector workers inAlaskamust be employed by a private company that has more than 21 members of staff. People who have a job with an organization that has fewer than 21 employees will not qualify.

Alaskan workers who work part time with a company that satisfies the size requirements will be able to get leave if they consistently spend more than 35 hours a week there. They must have been doing so for at least twelve months. The employees must also live within a fifty mile radius. Workers who satisfy these requirements can get eighteen weeks off in each calendar year if they are pregnant or adopting a child.

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